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Science News meets Science Fiction

“THIS is how I like to learn.”

Audience member, after Centrifuge 2016

Mix 5 playwrights, 5 science writers, 1 randomly chosen theme.

Add 5 directors, 15 actors, 1 design team.

Spin for 5 days.

Add an audience and you get:

5 world Premiere 10-minute Science Plays - each accompanied by a 5-minute Science Talk.

The second go round of Centrifuge was as much of a blast as the first. We think we’re onto something here. Once again,we gave a theme to five playwright / science writer teams. Each team then had a “leisurely” almost two days to create a script for a ten minute science play and an accompanying science presentation. We turned these over to randomly drawn directors and actors (and a crackerjack team of designers) and gave them a couple more days.

The result - five world premiere ten-minute science plays, each introduced by a lively presentation of the science news used in the play.

It's science hot off the press, theater hot off the pen. Or keyboard.

Here’s THIS about Centrifuge 1. So here we go again,

Watch for Centrifuge 3 in the spring of 2018

Stage One Theater, North Seattle College

9600 College Way North

Tickets are “Name Your Own Price.”


Centrifuge is a 14/48 Partner Project.

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